Free Download 17 Texture VOL 3 (ROUGH EDITION)

Giving textures to your design project may change the impression significantly. A mediocre design could be totally stunning by only adding a texture to it. Instead of trying to rearrange or remake the design, you can choose to try adding texture first. The texture is the easiest component to add to give a distinct look from the previous design. For instance, you can add the texture on top of the layer design and customize it as your needs, then your experiment with the texture is done, your mediocre design turns into a stunning one.

To help you choose the best texture for your design, we’ve summarized some of the recommended textures below. We’ve released other texture recommendations, and here is another offer. This time, this recommendation focuses on the rough texture edition, an actual texture to give a realistic impression for the project. Feel free to choose and make your design stunning by using our curated texture.

1 Dark Grunge

This texture provides a realistic look of the stained and dirty floor. Using this texture for your design may add a real ruined and aged effect.

2 Film Grain

This film grain texture gives realistic noises of dirt for future design creation elements. In addition, this texture may give a vintage or retro impression of the design applied.

3 Folded Cardboard

This cardboard texture gives a grunge texture that can be applied easily to your design. It may bring an old, classic, and vintage impression to your design. And anyway, there are many cardboard textures provided in this pack.

4 Folded Paper

Another folded texture to be added to your design. This collection is the folded texture of the paper. It’s not a rough wrinkled paper texture, yet it looks like it’s tucked neatly and shows the folded marks.

5 Detail Paper

This paper texture shows the detailed textures of it. Each paper may have different texture characteristics, and this collection shows that uniqueness. There are 8 paper textures provided that can be chosen to beautify your project.

6 Denim

This is a versatile collection of detailed denim textures. It shows a natural jeans material available to crop, scale, and combine with other graphic elements.

7 Photocopy Noise

The noise of the terrible photocopy result could be incredible if it can be applied to something that you genuinely want to look rough. With this photocopy noise texture, your wish is granted that you can use this collection freely for anything you want.

8 Scan Line Glitch Old Tv

If you want to have an old tv effect for your creative project, then this scan line glitch is most suitable for you. This texture may give an analog impression for your design. However, it may add uniqueness to the design significantly.

9 Wall and Marble

This collection provides a wall and marble collection in bright color. The textures look clear and it may create a unique impression on your project.

10 Plastic Texture

This plastic texture was created with real photos of plastic. This collection can give a grungy sealed effect to your design because of its real transparency and modern look.

11 Distressed Texture

This distressed texture has similarities to an old wall that has been rough and worn. This texture may be suitable to create a street theme project for posters, cards, mockups, photos, etc.

12 Crumpled Paper 

Paper texture is interesting to decorate a plain design. It’s suitable for overlay and background since this pack contains crumpled paper that looks rough and worn abstractly.

13 Film Dust Grunge

If you love an old cinema effect, this texture suits you. This texture pack provides grain, speckles, dust, etc., to help you give an old cinema effect to your design. Using this texture may bring a good old day nuance to your project.

14 Fabric Texture

Various fabric textures from jeans to linen flax are in this pack. You can freely use this collection to your design to give a realistic look of the fabric texture to create uniqueness to your project.

15 Seamless Paper Texture

This pack provides various paper textures seamlessly and may be different from the majority collection. It provides a vintage paper texture that looks authentic and may make people want to touch it.

16 Subtle Grain

This subtle grain texture can add a vintage photo look to your design. It may be an overlay to give a noise effect to the graphic or photo to give an old impression for the project.

17 Subtle Grain 2

This collection can be used as 3d textures design while background, text, photo texture are also best for it. What’s interesting is this pack provides a high resolution quality, therefore it would be possible to use it for many projects.

That’s all for the suggestion today. As you have looked at them, you may know that those textures are also available to mock up to find out how it would be if your design is printed on certain surfaces. There are paper and fabric textures above. Those may help you in creating a design for packaging or textile patterns. In the end, using texture is a shortcut to change your design to be eye-catching.

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