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To make a beautiful video, we can add some special effects to make the video project stand out. Special effects can bring a different impression to the video. What's more important, it may increase the video quality. It can turn your regular video to be stunning and can attract people's attention. How you serve your video project matters because people believe that producing a video needs much effort. Therefore, if someone can make a well-served video, then it may represent their seriousness in creating it.

We've launched much footage that can be used to beautify a video project. The collection may be used for overlays, transitions, video backgrounds, and many more. Most of our collections are versatile so that they can be used for anything. As well as today's collection, it's the light leak footage overlay. Yes, we named it overlay because the collection might be best for overlay in this pack. It will be best to blend it with the video and show the video project's sacred impression. However, it's not impossible to use this light leak overlay for transition or background as well.

This light leak collection is way powerful for decorating various projects. Especially for videos that want to highlight the emotional scene, it can transform boring footage into more attractive content. It's best for wedding documentation, party moments, event celebration, and many more. This light leak overlay is also best for commercial purposes, for instance, a video campaign, company profile, video promotion, etc. The use possibilities are endless, depending on your video concept. In addition, it's easy to use as the background is black, and it's easy to blend.

There are 30 overlays in total. It's many options to apply to your video project. However, we provide those overlays in a premium bundle. If you want to get it for free, you can download the demo bundle instead. However, we only offer 3 overlays. You might consider it better because it's like previews that only present the beautiful and eye-catching overlay for your project. This collection is worth collecting for your future video project. If you are interested, kindly click the link below to download:

3 Light Leak Footage Overlay - (PSD)

30  Light Leak Footage Overlay - (PSD)

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