Several times I made a revision of the license to make you easier to use our free files. Thanks for the advice and all the questions that have come in the email and comments. Here are the latest licenses you can make a reference.

1. Template

All export results You can use for commercial such as social media, website, even printed. But you are not allowed to spread or sell my Original file (PSD, AI, etc).

2. Graphics

You are free to use all the graphics such as background, illustration, icons, etc for commercial. You are free to use it as decoration, complement, addition, design. But you are not allowed to spread or sell my Original files (EPS, AI, PNG, etc). If the material is processed, then it becomes your copyright.

3. Video

Export & edits results from stock videos and video templates you can use for commercial, without giving credit. you not allowed to spread or sell my Original files

4. Add-ons

For add-ons licenses are the same as graphics. you not allowed to spread or sell my Original files (ABR, OTF, TTF, SVG, ATN, etc).

5. Rare Project

all projects with RARE PROJECT lebel should only be used for personal needs. if you would like to use it for commercial use, please donate at least $2 on the donation tab. then verify the donation by emailing us on the contact tab.

6. Music

You can use music for Free in your multimedia projects such as online videos, websites, animations, etc. you are not allowed to register or claim our music on any platform. if you would like to purchase a music license for your song instrument needs, please contact us.

7. Demo issues 

We give free access to commercial use even for demo.

8. Red Statement

The red statement written in each blog post will be directed to this license page so you don't get confused anymore. Starting 17 May 2020, The red statement is no longer valid. Maybe the writing was still visible on the previous post. Feel free to use our files and be creative.

9. Additional

If any changes will be updated on this license page.