Free Download Scan Line Glitch Old TV Monitor Background Vol 2 - JPG File

I created this glitch by wearing some light source and making it a scan line. Then some of the backgrounds are intentionally given grunge to be the texture effect of old TV monitors. Use this background element to create a glitch effect in the photo, in addition, you can use this abstract wallpaper to serve as a glitch-themed graphic design. I am very glad to share some DEMO background to you, for premium assets, please download the link below. How to use this scanline background can add images and then change them to overlay mode.

Size: 49 MB | Files Included: 5 Scan Line Glitch Background (JPG) 

NOTE: Appreciate my work with does not sell or upload this Project in any website. If the file is damaged or cannot be downloaded, please report it with the comment below. Please respect my rules because I've worked so hard to make this project.

 Scan Line Background (JPG)

30 Scan Line Background (JPG)


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