Free Download BLOBOK Grime Art Style Font - OTF File

Blobok font is still a family with grime art font. But the font blobok has a thicker and bold characteristic. Anatomy Blobok letters are short and tend to be obese. We create this font to facilitate you in creating graphic designs with themes grime art, children, cheerful, slime, etc. Much can be done with this font. Please download Blobok Bold otf font in the link below. This free font for you.

Size: 1 MB | Files Included: 1 Blobok-Bold Font (OTF)

NOTE: Appreciate my work with does not sell or upload this Project in any website. If the file is damaged or cannot be downloaded, please report it with the comment below. Please respect my rules because I've worked so hard to make this project.

1 Blobok-Bold Font (OTF)


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