Free DEMO Fabric Texture Background Collection

Today we are sharing the Fabric Texture Background. These consist of various fabric textures which are actually formed by various materials. There are also various pastel colors in this collection and those pastel colors are showing the feminine and calm side.

In this collection can interpret the various surfaces that might be felt if it’s touched. This kind of collection might be suitable for wallpaper, art prints, background, website, and much more. It can be used for any kind of project since there are many of it and variative.

Besides it can be used for wallpaper or background alone, it is possible to use these textures for mockup. If you have a project to design fabric or textile design, you can try to find out how if it’s printed using these textures. You can apply your design on top of the textures and it will show the result possibilities if the design is printed on fabric.

This collection is available in JPG format. However, each file provides high quality. Therefore it might be possible to experiment with this collection on any kind of project. We have 21 textures in this collection. It’s guaranteed that you’ll not be disappointed by it.

There are 3 textures that you can get for free, if you want more please choose to download the premium one. Both free and premium files can be downloaded using the link below:


3 Fabric Texture Background - (JPG)

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