Free Download Cardboard Mockup Design VOL 3

Here we have another free cardboard mockup!

Today we have the Free Cardboard Mockup Vol 3. You can check the other volumes on our website. However, in this volume we give you a different type of cardboard. It is a box brown carton in a bigger size with a separated cover.

This mockup is arranged in order to make the side and front view visible. You can put your branding design in the visible area. It is possible to put text, logo, any label or tag, or any kind of design you want to put. Or if you want to change the background to put any pattern, that might be possible.

If you are a designer, you can use this mockup for a preview design that you can show for your client. If you are a seller, it might be possible to use this mockup to display your product packaging on websites or social media so that your customer might be more interested in your product. It is a campaign strategy to increase the awareness of your potential customer.

This mockup is available in PSD format. So that all the elements in this mockup are fully editable. The text in this mockup can be adjusted as your needs. Even the color of the cardboard might be changed. You can work with your creative ideas using this mockup no matter how many times you edit it. 

Using this mockup will definitely ease your work. How this mockup can show the best side of your product packaging reflects the quality of your product. Definitely using this mockup will show the beauty of your product packaging that may be received by your customer.

Therefore, don’t miss this mockup and just click the link below to download it:


1 Cardboard Mockup Design VOL 3 - (PSD)


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