Free DEMO Leaf Shadow Animation Overlay


Our latest project that we’ve put the best effort in it is to provide you this adorable project. It is the Leaf Shadow Animation Overlay. In this project, there are various leaves animation which look realistic and elegant. We create this overlay so that it would be as natural as it can be. 

You can use this shadow overlay to beautify your audiovisual presentation or put it on any kind of video project. By combining this on your project it’ll perfectly make your project unique and appealing. It’ll perfectly match the natural or greeny vibes theme. However, it doesn’t limit your creativity, does it? If you want to, it might be possible to use this overlay to complete the summer theme, outdoor party, or any other themes.

This collection is available in MP4 format. However, in certain editing software, it might be possible to adjust the opacity, color, size, or sharpness of this overlay. So that, never limit your creative ideas. Try to experiment with this and execute your creativity using this animation overlay. The result might be unexpectedly amazing.

There are 30 animations in total for this collection. We provide 2 animations in a free package and if you want it all you need to pay the premium one. To make sure that you will not be disappointed toward this collection, we provide the free package so that you can take a look and try it. 

Check the preview of this collection above. Without any further ado, you can download both the free and premium package in the link below:


2 Leaf Shadow Animation Overlay - (MP4)

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