Free Glass Distortion Photo Effect VOL 2

You may feel familiar when you see the title written. Yes, we’ve launched another glass distortion photo effect in the past. And in this pack, it’s the advanced version of it. This glass distortion photo effect provides an effect of the reflection of fractal mirror pieces. You can look at the preview above, it may have similarities to the prism effect where it reflects and provides the refraction.

If in the previous version the distortion looks sharp, in this pack we made it to be smoother and look blurred. The glass effect is still the same, it looks like it’s broken in an orderly arrangement. Because it looks broken into pieces, it’s most suitable for a portrait or specific object shown. The fractal reflection would still show the object properly. However, it might be tricky to choose a suitable photo. It’s because, in this pack, the fractal distortion is more abstract than before.

There is only 1 psd file provided. It works with the smart object tool in photoshop. You don’t need to worry that it may be complicated editing because once you apply your photo it would quickly generate your photo to look like the previews above. A simple move to create a complicated look photo effect.

This photo effect can help you to create a stunning photo. However, this photo effect can also help you to make unique posters, covers, websites or social media posts, etc. Any artwork that wants to have unique distortion shapes is possible to create using this photo effect. Therefore, if you think you have an idea to use this pack for your project, don’t hesitate to download this photo effect quickly by clicking the link below:

Glass Distortion Photo Effect VOL 2 - (PSD)

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