Free Download 3X Snow Footage Overlay

Providing a cold atmosphere might be done by adding some winter effect. To show a snow rain scene for the film, you may not need to take a shot under the snow. That's too hard that possible to make you and your team freezing. You may take the footage in the normal weather and give some snow effects to make it dramatic that it's in winter. In addition, the snow effect can also provide the happy atmosphere of Christmas and New Year's eve. Some overlay effects added to your footage may turn the film's nuance significantly.

Here, we've created the collection of the snow footage overlay that you may use for decorating your film. The snow footage provides the animation of the snow rain. It looks realistic in which it can give a professional look to your project. Sure, this snow overlay may provide a distinct impression on the project. It's possible to make your boring film more stunning by only using this snow overlay. It's no need to give much effort, the snow overlay can be applied without many moves.

This snow overlay may be best to decorate various projects. It's possible to use this overlay for creating a campaign, advertisement, promotion, holiday invitation, and many more. It's versatile that various projects fit to use this overlay collection and can bring a significant nuance from the actual film footage. Moreover, it's easy to apply, you only need to blend it so that the black background in the overlay can be transparent and your footage can be visible.

We've created this bundle at its best. We give you 3 various options to be applied to your project. Besides, it can be an overlay, you can also use it for video background. It's an instant package that you can use for any purpose, just needs some adjustment to blend with your video well. If you think you are interested in collecting this snow overlay package, you can download it below:

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