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It's necessary to create a logo to symbolize your team, business, product, community, etc. Logo can be applied on any medium to represent that something belongs to someone or some people or brand. It can be important because a logo can be an identity that people can recognize and link to something. Moreover, a logo can simplify big things. It can be helpful because people can remember a big thing with only a tiny logo that is easy to remember. A logo is the best representative to be an identity.

Since a logo can represent something merely, make sure to choose a beautiful one. A good logo can be defined as the things behind it also have good quality to offer. However, choosing or creating a logo might not be an easy task to do. Still, there is always a shortcut. There are many templates or elements out there that can be arranged to build a logo. We've created a lot of it, and today we launched the newest collection. If you plan to make a logo with a boho theme, this collection is worth checking out.

It's the boho logo frame template providing many boho frames in various shapes and ornaments. Most of them are from lines arranged in such a way so that it builds a bohemian impression. This frame logo template in a boho theme might be best for creating a logo of a cafe, coffee shop, restaurant, hand-crafted product, or even some business in services like wedding organizer, design studio, and many more. Many possibilities to use this boho logo frame template. It's interesting to apply because it shows a classy, minimalist, and elegant impression.

This collection is provided in 2 types of files. They are eps and png that each of them has plus and minus. The eps vector makes it easy to customize and is possible to resize. Meanwhile, if you are not familiar with a vector, the png is best for you. The png provides a transparent background so that it's a ready-to-use element to edit. Both templates are best to create a stunning logo. Explore it with your imagination to generate a beautiful logo.

There are many logo frames provided. It's 20 frame template options that can be used to create a logo. However, we offer it in a premium bundle if you want it all. If you want it for free, you can choose the demo instead that provides 3 frame templates only. Both premium and bundle provide files in eps and png. So, you can try both files to execute. If you are planning to make a logo or might be interested in collecting it, you can download it below:

 3x Boho Frame Lineart Illustration - (PNG & VECTOR)

20x Boho Frame Lineart Illustration - (PNG & VECTOR)

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