Free Valentine's Day Vector Ornament Illustration

Even if delivering love and affection can be done anytime, we can’t deny that it becomes more special when it’s done in Valentine’s day moments. Love ornaments can be seen everywhere, shops arrange the sale event, chocolate sold out, flowers sold well, and people are happy to welcome Valentine’s day. Joy is everywhere!

To join in the fun that is only celebrated once a year, we created this Valentine’s day vector ornament illustration. There are 6 vector illustrations. They are a love symbol, balloon, ribbon, love with an arrow in the middle, and more. Those are in a flat design but vector, meaning that the possibility to customize it is endless. In case, you want to customize the colors or adjust them to your previous design, it can be done easily. This collection could be an ornament for your poster, greeting card, invitation, or even printed as a sticker. Just be creative, and you may generate unexpected artwork. If you are interested in collecting it, below you can download it for free:

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6x Valentine's Day Vector - (EPS)

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