Free DEMO Liquid Abstract Background


This is the liquid abstract background collection having various colors offered. It gives an exuberant impression with the dynamic patterns and vibrant colors applied. In this pack, the background has a kind of liquid or fluid shaped papercut pattern which overlaps and generates shadows. With those abstract shapes of the liquid representation, this liquid abstract background looks flexible or versatile for many uses.

This pack consists of 10 abstract backgrounds in total. One to another has different colors and also its own texture pattern. Therefore, each of them has its own uniqueness. You wouldn’t be bored of it and can use this collection endlessly. You can use this background collection for posters, flyers, wallpaper, bag patterns, and many more. 

As a note, we offer it at a premium package. If you want it free, we have the demo consisting of 3 backgrounds only. There is no difference between them, you would get the same quality but not in numbers. If you are interested in having this collection, you can download this liquid abstract background below:

{getDownload} $text={Download} $size={ ZIP File - Comercial use}

3x liquid Abstract Background - (JPG)

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