Free 12 Crumpled Plastic Texture Background


In this collection, there is a crumpled plastic texture background to complete your texture collection. If we used to share the transparent plastic, in this collection is a crumpled plastic in white color with no transparency. The interesting part of this collection is the crumpled itself. It looks shabby and obsolete, yet, those make it authentic. One to another has a different crumpled or wrinkled pattern. It's because we made it carefully from scratch to make sure that we always give the best element only. 

In this collection, we offer 12 JPGs to be collected. All are the same crumpled plastic texture for the background. However, one to another has a different pattern. It varies from smoother to kinky. Just choose which one is the most suitable for your design, and your design might be attractive in some way. It might be best for a background on a poster, print, banner, etc. If you want to have it, we offer it for free at the link below:

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12x Crumpled Plastic Texture - (JPG)

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