Free 4X Old Gadget Vector Illustration


The old stuff is a thing. Something that has been labeled as old school stuff otherwise now is most wanted as it has a value as antique stuff. It gives a distinct impression because it’s classic yet can give a spotlight as it would be different. More than collecting it in real life, a classic theme is often used in an event or special edition product. Therefore, the old stuff element collection is needed. It’s like what we offer today, the old gadget vector illustration.

We made some illustrations of the old gadget in a vector. We created the analog radio, cassette, a cassette player with a headphone, and a tube tv. All those things were known in the past, but now it has been hard to find. Someone can be lucky if they can have it in good condition, it may have a high price to be sold. Instead of calling it old stuff, now we call it vintage. Even the phrase is smoothened now. We made it in a vector so it can be adjusted as needed. The possibility of the use is also endless, meaning it could be anything. If you are interested in having this old gadget vector illustration, you can click the download link below:

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4X Old Gadget Vector Illustration - (EPS)

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