Free 15 Music Vector Icon Collection


These days, almost everything is digitized. Music is no exception. Now, it’s possible to make music without having the music instrumental physically. You can make it using a computer only. As the technology evolves, the instrument itself is equipped with some features. It’s like the smoother sounds result or the similar sound with other instruments. Now, those things are possible. In case you are interested in developing such a technology related to music, then what we offer today seems suitable for you. It’s the music vector icon collection.

We created a minimalist icon collection in flat line style that is editable endlessly. We offer this collection by equipping it with various icons representing some instruments. There is a saxophone, piano, drum, and even a microphone. We created it simply so you can customize it as you wish. It’s most suitable for the user interface element on websites or applications. However, there is no limitation to using this collection for many things. You can use this collection for the action button on the instrument, or just use it as a decorative element on a poster or seamless pattern. Just play with your creativity, then you may generate an unexpected result. If you are interested in collecting it, click the link below to get it free:

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