Free 15 Energy Icon Vector Collection


Our lives are inseparable from the use of energy. Whether it’s renewable or not, we need it to fulfill our needs in daily life. We need the electricity to turn on the lamp, we need the fuel to drive a vehicle, we need a hot fire to warm our body, and so on. There have been a lot of discoveries to find sustainable energy resources. Yet, we can’t deny that there are also many things we still need that are unsustained. All we need to do is use our energy wisely and not be greedy. Related to energy issues, we made the icon vector collection that may be able to be used as an element to increase the awareness of energy use.

We made the energy icon vector collection consisting of 15 icons. It represents the sources of energy and puts the lighting logo on the sources icon. There are illustrations of the solar panel, fuel, fire, turbine as the wind energy, electricity, etc. It’s in an editable monoline stroke that can be used as needed. As it’s simple, it’s suitable to be used as the elements for UI/UX design or any design in a simple theme. It’s versatile as the possibilities of using it are endless. It could be a UI element, or even used as an illustration on a campaign poster. More than that, it’s also timeless. If you are interested, kindly download it below:

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