Free 21 Tropical Leaf Watercolor Paint - PNG File

A watercolor illustration is always interesting. It serves a special authenticity of the hand-drawn art. Just like the tropical leaf watercolor paint collection in this package, all the items are stunning and worth displaying. It was created in realism. Yet because of the touch of the watercolor stroke, it gives a distinct impression. Of course, it’s in a good way. 

There are 21 leaves illustrations in this watercolor paint package. It consists of various leaves, including the ornamental house plant and many other tropical leaves. Those could be used for many things as these leaf watercolor paint illustrations are versatile. It’s possible to be used as an element to decorate your design, such as for invitation, greeting card, arrange it as a pattern, and many more. Additionally, it can be wall art. Many things could be executed using this leaf watercolor paint illustration, it depends on your creativity.

We offer this collection for free. If you are interested in collecting this package, you can download it below:

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21X Tropical Leaf Watercolor Paint - (PNG)

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