Free 25 Snow Particle Overlay Background

It’s getting easy to edit our photo to look like it’s taken during a certain season. You just need to find some effects or overlays that can be blended with the photo. Just like in this offer, it’s the snow particle overlay background. This pack consists of 25 backgrounds with various abstract particle textures that can magically become snow overlay while blended with a photo.

Making a snowing photo hasn’t been difficult. We don’t need to go to snowy places and freeze. Simply, it can be done by mixing a photo with this kind of snow particle overlay. Even if the snow particles are detailed, applying the overlay to a large photo wouldn’t make the particles pixelated. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about it. Just mix and make some adjustments then your winter photo has been generated. If you want to give a new nuance to your photo, try to edit using this collection. You can get this overlay for free by downloading it below:

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25X Snow Particle Overlay Background - (JPG)

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