Free 6 All Blue Abstract Watercolor Background

This blue abstract watercolor background has a realistic impression of the hand-drawn abstract painting. More details, it has spaces that can be copy space or put some text in it. The watercolor textures seem realistic as there are some transparent alike in the patterns. It can be said that the background illustrations were created like a canvas painted with a paintbrush. And it looks similar, isn’t it?

There are 6 blue abstract watercolor illustrations in this package. We choose to use blue color as it gives an impression of the ocean or sky. Somehow, it gives a nature touch to the background illustration. More than that, this watercolor background could be a versatile illustration. It can be copy space, posters, flyers, and even cover. Just experiment by yourself, and you may find it interesting to explore. If you want to have it, click the link below to download it for free:

{getDownload} $text={Download} $size={ ZIP File - Comercial use}

6x All Blue Abstract Watercolor Background - (JPG)

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