Free 6 Mandala Vector Illustration


In Buddhism and Hinduism, there is a symbol representing a universe that has a symmetrically balanced shape. It’s in a geometric circle and filled with continuous lines overlapping each other. It’s believed as a sacred symbol and is usually used as an instrument of meditation. The name of the symbol is mandala just like what we offered in this post.

There is no specific shape of it unless it’s a circle having a continuous pattern in it. We made some shapes of it so you may use it for several uses or just avoid that it’s too overused. There are six mandala logos that we create and offer for you in EPS format. You can customize it freely as it’s a vector. You can use it for a mediation instrument, put it as an element design, or just print it as a sticker. You can use it endlessly as the possibility to edit it is endless. Therefore, if you think you are interested in having this collection, kindly click the link below to download it:

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