Free Halloween Hand Drawn Vector Illustration


The end of the year means that there will be many celebrations held. One of the most popular celebrations is Halloween at the end of October. People would costume themselves in horror characters and also decorate their neighborhood to look scary. To decorate it well, you need some elements to be put to emphasize the nuance but don't look overwhelmed. Therefore, we have made the Halloween hand drawn vector illustration to make your decoration stand to be different and stunning.

This Halloween package includes the illustration of some Halloween stuff such as the Jack O’ Lantern pumpkin, skull, ghost, spider, and any other character that were created in hand drawn scribble style. Therefore, it gives a distinct and authentic cartoon look. The characters may give a lil bit of a scary nuance yet the style of how we’ve created it makes it look more friendly. It may be suitable to use this collection to celebrate this special day with your family, kids, and whoever in all ages. If you have planned this celebration and are still looking for a decoration theme, this Halloween hand drawn illustration is worth trying. You can get all this stuff in the package by downloading it below:

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Halloween Hand Drawn Vector Illustration - (EPS)

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