Free Medium Plastic Zip Bag


If you are working on something related to plastic packaging, this post is worth a try. We offer a medium plastic zip bag collection that can be used for a plastic packaging template or mockup. There are three kinds of plastic in this offering, and all of them are perfectly real so, you can generate a realistic display for your project using it. Two of them are equipped with blank white space, one on the top and another is inside the zip lock. With those blank spaces, you can put in it some labels or any design describing your product.

It’s wrinkled, crumple, shabby, or whatever you name it, so it emphasizes the real product instead of only a mockup. You can create a convincing ad using it, and even more than that, you can use it for a poster or printed design elements. It suits street style the most. If you are looking for something like this offer, you can click the link below to download it instantly:

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