Free 3X Prism Rainbow Light Leak Background


Having a photo look with a special rainbow effect has been easy today. There are a lot of element effects that are ready to be blended decorating a raw photo. It's just like what we are gonna offer today, the prism rainbow light leak background.

This collection is suitable to be used as an overlay to give a special effect to the photo. It's like the sunlight leaking, but the light is rainbow, or also can be described as the rainbow lines that are beautifully blurred. Giving this rainbow background to the top of your photo is possible. It may generate a photo to become aesthetically beautiful and eye-catching. More than that, you can use this background endlessly. It can be background as it is but can also be well blended as an overlay. Therefore, if you think you need this kind of rainbow background, click the link below right away to download it:

3X Prism Rainbow Background - (JPG)

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