Free 4x Photos of Fresh Oranges & Lemons for Advertising

In making an advertisement, putting something that draws attention is essential. Advertisement is made to promote or inform about something or products. Therefore, the advertisement needs to be possible to be seen by people. It should be eye-catching, in high definition, and related to what’s promoted. And here, if you are looking for something that looks fresh and fascinating, we offer photos of fresh oranges and lemons for advertising.

As you can see in the previews, it gives the shot of oranges and lemons thrown into the water, generating some splashes and bubbles. It’s totally exciting and suitable to promote such a beverage product or uplifting campaign. It can even suit well used as a background for posters, covers, magazines, etc. It would be nice to put some text on top of it, or if you don’t want to cover the image below, some spaces are suitable for copy space text. Therefore, it depends on how you see it and how you want to be creative with it. In case you’ve got the idea of collaborating this photo collection with your design, you can download this package for free at the link below:

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