Free 3 Trendy Floral Copyspace Background


Something colorful is potentially catching the attention the most. More than that, it should be different and better unique. Especially if we want to inform something using words, a minimal design will help make people focus on the information, yet to catch people willing to read needs something colorful. Therefore, to help you make people pay attention to your design, we’ve made trendy floral copy space backgrounds.

In this pack, there are three colorful copy spaces in a floral theme. However, besides the special floral theme, we’ve created it to look trendy and suitable for modern design. The color in each copy space consists of several colors, yet it is well matched and doesn’t look tacky. The natural look is well delivered, making it look pretty and using it as a background for your copy text will make it astonishing.

This package is suitable for a poster, announcement, social media quotes, sticker, brochure, element design, or even a background title for a book cover. Just play with your imagination, and it can generate an unexpected result. If you are interested in having this collection, you can get it all for free by downloading it below:

3X  Trendy Floral Copyspace Background - (JPG)

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