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Bohemian or boho style design is much requested lately. It's because it looks ancient yet modern at the same time. Many boho designs are actually provided. However, the kind of our collection may not be that much. Therefore, as you see this post, you may be the first among your circles. It's the abstract square lines boho logo that is a versatile element for creating anything.

This abstract square lines boho logo comes in a graphic element set. There are many designs provided in it meaning that many possibilities can be taken from this collection. Each design comes in a square shape with the lines embellishing it. Some designs also have the sun, star, or crescent moon beautifying just like how bohemian or boho are identical. This design looks elegant and exclusive because it's being created in gold color, placed on black background, and decorated with the linear minimal style.

We name it the boho logo because it may suit best for creating a logo. However, it's also possible to establish other projects using this collection. It can be an abstract graphic print, poster, or even branding element. The boho lines element may be the best match for creating designs in an ancient or medieval look. Therefore, it can suit the current minimalist trend.

This collection is provided in eps, png, and jpg formats that each file consisting of 30 designs. With the vector eps format, it means it's possible to make some customization with the design. You may be able to change the color or resize it without worrying it would reduce its quality. However, if you are not familiar with the vector, the png and jpg are the options. A plus for the png because it provides a transparent background, making it can be placed on top of others' designs easily without blocking the design behind it.

To put it simply, this abstract square lines boho logo is versatile and possible to be adjusted. If you are interested in collecting it, you can download it for free at the link below:

30x Boho Square Illustration - (Vector & PNG)

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