Free Glitch Photo Effect Design Template

Have you ever found some photo effects that look modern but at the same time also have a modern look? This kind of photo effect could be mesmerizing because it can provide two different looks in a photo. If you have no idea about it, you can look at the preview above. The image looks like it has a glitch vhs effect which is typical of the old effect. However, at the same time, the image also looks modern with its color tone. It’s like a retro-modern effect that suits the cyber theme.

The image previews above may look complicated. However, we know that it’s a good photo effect that can be used in our photos. To provide an easy-to-use effect with a high-quality result, here we’ve worked on it and finally can provide it for you for free. It’s a retro VHS glitch photo effect mockup that can transform your photo to look impressive within minutes. It has a typical tone where it can be interpreted as futuristic or cyber tone color. How the vhs glitch and the color tone combined make the photo effect look perfect.

This retro photo effect is provided in 1 psd format. You can easily transform your photo to have a detailed look effortlessly. You don’t need to edit and put each effect one by one, by only using this photo effect mockup, a perfect retro vhs effect can be done in one click. By then, you can use your photo result for websites, social media posts, and even movie or music posters. It would fit for both printed and digital use.

We provide this retro effect for free. Therefore you can use it for any purpose and make any kind of photo stunning. However, as this photo effect has a glitch, a portrait photo or any photo with a big object could be best. The object in the photo can still look clear, yet it looks aesthetic with the vhs glitch. This photo effect is worth collecting. If you think you’ll love it, then just download it below:

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