Free Download 18 Smoke Footage Overlay

As technology evolves, now you can realize your creativity simply by using it. Manipulation can be done easily with the materials provided and edited on certain apps. More than that, technology also lets you make a shortcut in creating art. For example, you want to produce a photo or video with a smoke effect. Instead of the crew needing to battle with the smoke, you can take a photo or video commonly and place a smoke effect when running an editing process. It's easy and simple, isn't it?

If you are worried that the effect wouldn't look realistic in the photo or video, you can take a look at our today's offer. We made a smoke overlay footage collection that will give a cinematic effect to your video. We made it carefully so it can be well blended with the video and doesn't look tacky. A dramatic video look can be well presented using this smoke effect instantly. A mystical or intimate nuance is possibly built using this effect as well.

There is 18 footage of smoke effects in this package. All of the footage is in mp4 format with full HD resolution. There's no doubt, the quality offered for the video result would be impressive. This smoke overlay can complete a video profile, campaign, promotion, advertisement, and many more. If it's suitable, a mystical nuance is possible to be created. You can create many things using this, and the only limitation is your creativity.

If you plan to make a video project needing a smoke effect instantly, we recommend this overlay package for you. Or, if you need a smoke effect for a photo instead, you can check out another post. You'll love it and it'll improve your video project quality. As we mentioned there are 18 footages, you can get all of them for free at the link below:

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