Free Download 30 Love Icon Vector & PNG

Love icon identical to romantic approach, affection, Valentine, pink, etc. Especially on Valentine's Day, it's possible to encounter love icons publicly. Wherever you go, whatever you buy, it may always slip a love icon in their display or packaging. Out of the Valentine, we can often approach it in various designs as well. In fact, love or affection can be delivered anytime and anywhere. Therefore, having a collection of love icons could be helpful as any time you want to make a design, you don't need to create it from scratch.

In today's offer, we give you the love icon collection in various graphic element shapes. It's actually a love shape but improved in diverse styles so it can fit many designs. As you can see in the previews above, the love icon is provided in black color. There are love icon images in jpg and png, but also a vector in eps format. Those formats ease you to create many things without difficulties.

You can put the love icon images directly on top of your design. If you want to not block the design behind the icon, you can use the png because it has a transparent background. If you desire to make more customization, you can use the vector love icon instead. The vector may let you change the color or even resize it in any size. You can create many projects such as a sticker, card, design packaging, poster, promotion, and much more freely with those flexibilities.

There are 30 love icons in each jpg, png, and eps. If you are interested in collecting this kind of love icon, our offer is the most beneficial one. Moreover, we provide the love png and jpg icons in high resolution. It will help you a lot to put it as an element within minutes. All of this icon collection is offered for free. If you are interested, you can quickly download it below:

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