Free Download Risograph Photo Effect Template

If you are the one who is interested in making a photo look distinct and unique, it’s your best place to visit. We created many stunning photo effects that could be applied to various photo projects. However, we wouldn’t stop. Because day by day, there are always new ideas hitting our imagination. And for today, we’ve created a photo effect providing a high contrast effect combined with grain. We called it the risograph grain photo effect.

Indeed the high contrast effect would generate a profound result. High contrast has black and white color in a wide range of tones with dark shadows and bright highlights. Those compositions would provide a deep texture. However, the grain texture added makes the result look calmer. As a whole, the photo would look unique. For both portrait and landscape, the result wouldn’t be disappointing.

This risograph grain photo effect is a photo effect that can be executed using a smart object tool in adobe photoshop. Yes, it’s provided in a 1x PSD file. Within minutes, you can transform your photo into significantly different ones using this effect. You may use it for your photo exhibition, posting to social media, campaign images, and many more. As we’ve said, both portrait and landscape can utilize this photo effect to beautify them.

This photo effect would help you create a pretty processed photo. We only offer this risograph grain photo effect in a 1x PSD file. However, the possibility of using this photo in many projects is endless. We also offer it for free. Therefore, if you are interested, you can quickly download this photo effect below:


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