Free Space Abstract Background Texture

Have you experienced seeing a mesmerizing design in black color? In a dark nuance? Instead of looking gloomy, it can also look elegant and add value to the design. To support the statement, we’re gonna offer the space abstract background collection. It has solid black color decorated with grainy and star in white. It creates an obvious space atmosphere in the form of background.

You can see it in the previews above. The white abstract pattern makes it look tranquil and calming, and it’s been beautiful as it is. You can use it as wallpaper, print it as a phone case, decorate it with some text and make it as a backdrop, and many more possibilities. It looks simple, so you can decorate it more and wouldn’t be overwhelmed.

This abstract space collection consists of 5x jpg files. We mentioned that there’s more possibility to benefit from it. It’s because we made this space abstract in high-resolution quality. Therefore, if you want to use it for a larger size, it may be possible. However, make sure to pay attention to the size. Since it’s a raster, it may be pixelated in some sizes. You can still explore with it, though. If you find this collection would be helpful, you can get it for free by downloading it below:

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