Free Neon Smoke Text Effect Template Design

These days, you might encounter many neon lights forming text decorating places. The most frequent spots we can find a neon text light might be in a cafe or restaurant. It can attract people's attention so that they'll come and spend their time being there. Yep, neon light can be an effective tool to steal attention. Therefore, it might be interesting to put the neon text effect in posters or flyers. And what's more important is, it's easy to make because we've created the formula for you. Yes, this is the neon text effect vol 2!

If you have followed us for a long time, you may know our previous neon text effect. Actually, both are the same. However, of course, there is improvement and difference in each edition. In this vol 2, besides the regular neon text effect, there is also a smoky effect with the same color as the neon effect. This combination might increase the sacred nuance in modern style. It's perfect for catching the attention of visual design.

This neon text effect is provided in a PSD file. It might sound like a complicated edit to generate text with the neon effect. But actually, it just needs one click to process it. In addition, because it's in PSD, it's free to customize the text, change the color, and also change the font used. Yes, it's interesting since we can apply it to any font in every color. Therefore, the neon text generated may not be standard.

This striking neon text can be applied to decorate a cover art, poster, print, etc. It may bring some 80s style to this modern era. What's more, instead of applying this neon effect for text only, it's suitable to outline illustration, shape, and many more. Yes, it can be a versatile effect for anything. If you think you have some ideas with it in your future project, make sure that you will not miss this collection. You can get it for free by downloading it at the link below:

1X Neon Smoke Text Effect Template - (PSD)

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