Free Download Brutalist Copyspace Background

You may remember our previous shapes collection that provides various shapes in the brutalist style. Today’s collection relates to those shapes. It’s a background collection that leaves some spacious area to make it copy space. When you saw our previous collection, you may not know what to do with the collection. Here, we’ve created something using those shapes so that you may find some inspiration to make the brutalist shapes become something else.

This background collection could help you to create something striking yet unadorned. With the uneven color from the noises of the shapes, which make it look rough, the background could be an element to build a cynosure design. The shapes are arranged abstractly so that it doesn’t look rigid. Still, it’s built as a copy space background. Therefore, the arrangement gives spaces to make it enough to put some text in it. The text with neutral color can be suitable to be placed.

This special copy space collection is provided in 6 JPGs. With its special brutalist shapes, the design using this background could be attractive and stunning. It provides uniqueness and authenticity that possibly many designs can be the center of attention. The noises in shapes building gradient color beautify this copy space as the background is only plain black. However, it’s chosen to make the shapes shown perfectly.

Instead of copy space, it’s also available to use this brutalist background for element design. It may be versatile as it also fits for a poster, brochure, campaign, and many more to go. The possibilities of use could be endless. The only limit is only your imagination. Even if it’s in raster, you don’t need to worry about its quality. Just explore it, and you may generate unexpected results. If you think it could be interesting to collect it, you can download this brutalist copy space background below:

6X Brutalist Copyspace Background - (JPG)

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