Free Download Anaglyph VHS Photo Effect Template

Adding a special effect to the photo is essential to make photos look striking in a good way. In addition, it may generate the photo look unique and distinct to others. As you may know, we always create something useful that can help you create any visual design quickly. Also, today, we create a complex look for you creating a magical and illustrative photo that can be applied easily. What’s special, we provide an effect that definitely couldn’t be common. It’s the anaglyph vhs photo effect that can turn your photo to be significantly different.

This anaglyph vhs photo effect can give a look where it’s like the multiple effects applied together and stacked recklessly. It’s arranged asymmetrically so that the overlapping effects are visible. More than that, to make the overlapping part isn’t that striking, a motion blur effect was added. And to make it more impressive, there is a rainbow vhs glitch as the classic mark. Applying this effect to your photo can provide a modern and 90’s retro shot together at the same time. It’s suitable if you want to make something pretty in the future by using this effect.

As usual, this special photo effect is provided in a psd file. The blurry effect would make the photo look creative, and with all the vhs glitch effects, it can look complex. However, using this photo effect is easy peasy. You can turn your photo to look like the previews within minutes. More than that, the result can be uploaded to social media or websites, or you can make it as a poster background or any campaign. As this photo effect can bring a significant impression, your project would be adorable with it.

It's worth collecting photo effects you can use for your upcoming project. The possibilities of using it are endless, but we also offer it for free. Therefore, make sure to be the first to use it and be the pioneer of the trend. It’s definitely worth it to create a beautiful design project with it. If you are interested in collecting it, you can download it at the link below directly:

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