10 Types of Post Designs to Boost Social Media Engagement

Social media, particularly Instagram, has been becoming a big platform to interact with people around worldwide. There are roughly one billion active users monthly, meaning about one-quarter of the world's active internet users access this app in a month. What a number! No wonder if social media is becoming a platform to offer services and products for businesses. It's a potential place to socialize and interact with their loyal customers and even catch new leads to their businesses.

However, building your page on social media isn't only about the number. It's not only about the number of your followers or how many you post your content. The social media developers want to make people spend their time longer in their apps. The number of users is prodigious. They make the algorithm feature the posts or accounts that are most related, most interesting, and most interact with the user to make them stay longer in the app. To make your post seen, you need to pay attention and consider it in creating content. Even if you have many followers, there's no guarantee that they engage with you.

In social media, there's engagement meaning the measure of the interactions of your audiences with your content. Instead of posting about your business consistently, it's better to understand what content can attract your audiences. In Instagram, some actions can signal your audiences are interested in your content. They are likes, comments, saves, and shares. Those actions can be a basic consideration to improve your content in the future. Would this post be saved or shared? Is it brought comments or likes? Besides those, Instagram also provides various content to interact with the audiences. They are feed post, story, IGTV, and the latest feature reels. Considering those things would make the content making is easier.

Here, we're going to share tips about content ideas to boost your social media engagement. It can be a strong call to action to draw interactions with your audiences to boost engagement. Without any further ado, here are the tips for you:

The Questions and Answers

You can try to interact with your audiences using the Q&A feature in Instagram Story. The Q&A on the story has the limitation of the characters. Therefore, you can also put this idea on your posts to make a longer space for the audience. It's very likely that some of your audiences have questions or are curious about your products, you can take advantage of it. Or aside from the product's knowledge, you can use the Q&A sticker on the story to open the space for discussing the recent issues. It may make the audiences who don't know the issues are willing to understand more and wait for your stories to end. In addition, you can make this content as audience research.

Poll and Quiz Sticker 

There's a poll sticker feature on Instagram Story that can be used to create interactions with your audiences. You can make this or that content or poll something to know their preferences. You can even make a game using it. The current trending game using this feature is guessing what emoji is in the images. An emoji is put in small size and camouflage with the image color to make it difficult. It's interesting to attract people to solve the game. The Quiz sticker provides a true or false choice, so playing a quiz and reward for whose answering right can boost engagement as well.

Countdown Alert for Event

Countdown feature is offered in Instagram Story. It can be put as an announcement or a reminder when you are going to launch something new, hold a live stream, or discuss something. When you place a countdown and your audiences activate it to remind them, they may re-interact with you at a given point.

Story Templates to be Filled Out

It's a pleasure when we are asked and can share our opinions or preferences. Quiz, fill-in-the-blank, or bingo templates make those actions possible to be taken. You can make the templates and let your followers repost their stories to answer and ask them to credit your account. If your templates are fun, not only your followers but many users would also use the templates. It can boost your engagement organically as you can be known and credited.

Funny GIF or Meme

Who doesn't love funny and entertaining content? At some time, you can slip some GIF or meme post to your stories to draw attention. It's also possible to place some memes when answering the Q&A to make your audience bear with your answers to the end. However, be careful to choose the meme and make sure this post type suits your brand voice.

Carousel Post

It's been proven that carousel posts are the most engaging post types. It increases the possibility of the interactions as if the first slide can't impress, the following slides are possible. You can make a tips post, tutorial, list of resources, recommendations, and other content using a carousel.

Quotes and Reminders

You can quote figures that have influences or just put a reminder on your post. Sometimes, some phrases are something that we've been waiting to heal, comforting our feelings, or a lighter to rise. If the phrase suits feelings, it's possible to save or share the post. You might have heard that save and share are the new likes on Instagram. It happens because fewer people save and share content. Therefore, if a post can be saved and shared it could be considered good content. 

Valuable Infographics

Simplifying recent issues can be invaluable. Sometimes we are confused to receive new topics. And when there is an infographic explaining the issue clearly, we find it helpful. It also can draw interactions as it can be shared or commented on for others to see. In addition, if it offers prominent information, possibly to be saved or bookmarked.

Giveaway Session

Who doesn't love free products? You can draw interactions with the audience by establishing a giveaway. Organize the giveaway to make the audiences feature your account. You can prompt them to comment on your post to invite their friends, post a story in their account about yours, make them post a feed and credit your account, etc. All those prompts can drive engagement to your account.


You may have heard that the head of Instagram has mentioned that Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app. As other social media have been successful with their video-based app, there are some upcoming changes and experiments in Instagram. Therefore, sharing a video has a big chance to be seen as it fits the new Instagram. There is a Story that can record video, IGTV, and Reels on Instagram to showcase your video content. Other than that, if people can watch the video till the end, it means they stay longer to interact with your account, and sure, it boosts engagement.

Those are the content ideas worth applying to your social media account to drive interactions and boost engagement. You can research what kind of trending content possibly draws interactions by observing. Yes, it's necessary to suit the recent trend so it can be followed by many. In addition, you need to pay attention to your followers demographic that you can find on the account insight. By then, you can determine to post content at what time your followers are most active. You can also consider their ages and places to determine what kind of content is suitable for your followers. Be mindful of the current trend and what you share because it impacts your audiences. Good luck, and let us know if you try to test them out!

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