Free Download Abstract Pattern Graphic Element

The abstract pattern could be timeless and versatile. It suits many things and is possible to be printed on many projects. Moreover, as it's timeless it can be adjusted to the current trend and may be reproduced at some time. This abstract pattern suits various projects in various themes because it has no specific shape. However, you may want to produce something with new patterns to refresh your product. We are here to offer this creative abstract pattern collection for you exclusively.

This collection is a collection with various abstract patterns provided. It's not seamless, making it can be combined one to another beautifully. In addition, some patterns also can be made similar to abstract memphis. What makes it unique and authentic is this pattern collection was created in a hand-drawn style. The scribble and doodle are highlighted best in it. As it looks hand-drawn, it may seem that it's limited and exclusive. It can increase your product value.

We provide this pattern in png, vector, and brush. The png provides these patterns in a fixed arrangement with a transparent background. Meanwhile, the brush lets you work like it's a stamp that the size can be adjusted and can create many patterns within seconds. However, if you want to make more customization, there's a vector format provided. The vector would let you custom the size, probably the color, or rearrange the arrangement. Many customizations are possible to do.

The abstract pattern collection consists of 10 patterns that you can apply to your projects. Many products can be produced using only this bundle. These patterns can be printed as product packaging, tumblr design, invitations, stationery, tote bag, and many others possibilities. You can explore this pattern endlessly because the pattern is suitable for many things. If you are interested in collecting this abstract pattern collection, you can download it below:

10x Abstract Pattern - (BRUSH & VECTOR)

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