Free Classy & Minimalist Floral Logo Design

Are you planning to build a business or want to rebrand your current business? And what comes to your mind is finding a new logo that can represent your brand best. However, it’s likely that you are stuck and not finding any idea what kind of logo that currently can get attention and still be suitable in the future. These days, there are many inspirations that you can actually get. So do we, we’ve often shared about the logo things that you can use for inspiration as well. But today, we launched a logo kit where it can also help you build a logo easily.

It’s a doodle flower logo kit with a template that you can edit to make your own logo. You can customize any element in this logo, including the text, to adjust your brand needs. It’s not for product only, if you are planning to make a community logo, it can do it best as well. The element with doodle flower objects added makes it look feminine and gentle. It can be a versatile logo for any purpose.

This collection is provided in PSD template and png, each type provides 4 logo kits. The PSD template lets you make any customization in it. What makes it unique is this logo kit is made using line art illustration. The feminine and gentle style is highlighted perfectly. Additionally, it’s possible to change the text, adjust the element position, and also edit the font used. You are also able to add some elements if you want to. You can customize it freely to personalize it.

This beautiful line art illustration can be your logo and represent your brand best. No matter what your brand is, this logo kit might be suitable for anything. With the flower object decorating, the logo looks beautiful and versatile. There is some vintage impression in it. However, it still can represent any brand. If you are looking for logo ideas, then make sure to make it yours by downloading it below:


  1. For different platforms, logo size is the most important factor. Each platform must display your logo in a different size in order to deliver the same experience to your audience.


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