Free Download Scribble Photoshop Brush & PNG

Something that looks rough and messy can be attractive sometimes because it provides a different uniqueness. Moreover, if it’s created with a hand-drawn process, it can make it authentic as each hand tends to give a different result. In this case, we’ve also created something unique for you. It’s created from the abstract strokes generating some geometric shapes. They are oval, rhombus, parallelogram, circle, triangle, and rectangle. The previews are above.

If you’ve seen our previous scribble photo effect, today’s collection is the raw materials of it. It’s a hand-drawn illustration offering authenticity to your project. It provides the uneven texture generated from the abstract sketched pencil strokes. It’s sketched manually so it looks realistic even if it’s been in graphic form. These basic scribble shapes can be a creative element for decorating your project to look exclusive and authentic.

These shapes are provided in png and abs (photoshop brush) format. The png files are ready-to-use with the shapes in black color and a transparent background. It’s impossible to do much customization except only resize the shapes, even then in limited possibility. If you upsize it excessively, it may corrupt. In case you want to customize it, you can choose to use the abr to use it as a brush. It’ll let you customize the color and create many shapes within seconds.

This scribble pencil brush is versatile to create many projects. It fits a copy space, texture, and graphic element to decorate your creative project. The possibility of use may be endless, depending on how you explore your creativity with it. Apply this scribble pencil to your design, and it may be attractive. If you find it interesting to create projects with it, you can get it for free. There are 6 shapes in this package where you can download them below:

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