Free Landscape Minimalist Illustration Background


Illustration painting has its own uniqueness. Moreover, if it's an illustrated landscape view that is packaged with a minimalist concept. Just like the previews above. This kind of landscape illustration background can be a decoration for interior design and become an element of any design needs. We created it in a modern contemporary style to make it suitable for the current trend. Most of today's trends promote minimalism for any aspect, including how we choose a design for any purpose. To make it look casual, we made it in abstract shape combined with minimal composition. We believe that you would totally love it.

We highlight this landscape illustration with the grain texture added. You may know that we've launched this kind of landscape illustration in vector. However, it was in portrait order that is distinct from the current edition. Both provide the same concept, but we made it so that you have many options from us to complete any need. As well as to the previous edition, the landscape illustration provides various extensive views illustrated in such a way to make it stunning. There is a mountain, river, sea, sunset, etc. In addition, the grain texture combined with the monochromatic color in each illustration makes it look harmonious.

This landscape grain texture is provided in 6 JPGs. There is no chance to customize it. However, we've created it in such a way to make it suitable and ready to use for any project. The color and the minimal and neat composition have been arranged at their best. It's possible to use this landscape grain texture for art print and make it wall art for your interior decoration. It's provided in high-resolution quality so that it's possible to print it on some large medium. More than that, it's also possible to use this collection for a music background, holiday promo poster, outdoor event announcement, and many more. It can be a versatile collection that suits many projects.

We mentioned that there are 6 JPGs provided in total and it's a pleasure that we can offer them for free. There will be no regret by investing in it. It's versatile that you can use it for any project, such as background alone, packaging design, t-shirt, and many more. This landscape grain texture will definitely fulfill whatever your project is. Therefore, if you are interested in this collection, download them below:

6 Landscape Minimalist Illustration - (JPG)

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