Free Download 15 Smoke Overlay Background

Creating an intense nuance using a smoky effect hasn’t needed complex equipment. Today, with a simple editing process, a complex photography look can be made instantly. Many materials are ready to be combined with a raw photo file to create a new photo look. One of them is an overlay effect. The overlay makes manipulating a photo possible. An imaginative idea can be executed to look genuine. An overlay is a powerful effect that can change a photo significantly. To present a variety of overlays, today, we launched the smoke overlay collection.

This smoke overlay collection consists of various smoky effects that are ready to be combined with your raw photo. It can illustrate the intense nuance and is possible to show the soul of the photo taken. To be precise, the smoky effect can represent the intimate, mystical, or magical nuances. Once you apply this smoke effect to your photo, it can significantly change your photo taken look.

This collection is provided in jpg and photoshop brush formats with each format providing 15 overlays. It’s possible to create an overlay with the jpg by blending it on top of your raw photo. If you are planning to create a different photo, this smoke overlay collection is a must-have collection. We made it carefully, making it look authentic and can blend with the photo well. It’s a must to create it differently so it wouldn’t look overused.

As the intimate, mystical, and magical nuances can be created instantly, it’s no need to bring a lot of property while doing a photoshoot. An impressive photo can be created easily and simply. Therefore, you can download our smoke overlay for free to make your working process easy. If you are interested, you can get it below:

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