Free 3 Smooth & blurry gradient mesh background

If you are looking for a high-quality background collection that could be used to produce many projects, you can check out today’s collection. As you can see in the previews, it’s the colorful rainbow gradient light collection. The color combination tends to look dark. However, it still looks appealing somehow. The rainbow gradient in the abstract makes it look like it has a freedom impression. What’s more interesting is that the gradient seems blurry. If you put some objects or text on top of it, the background pattern wouldn’t interrupt.

This colorful rainbow gradient light collection consists of 3 JPGs with high-resolution images. It offers a background in 3500x2500px resolution that is high numbers, isn’t it? You can use it on various projects but in limited size as it would pixelate at some point. It’s okay to use it as website posters or social media posts. It’s also possible to be used as wallpaper and slide presentation. Still, even if it has limitations, you can use it for various projects depending on its size.

There are only 3 gradient backgrounds in it. However, it offers the most beautiful only, and you can benefit from it for any project. Anyway, you can use it as a photo overlay, but it wouldn’t make a significant change. Still, if you want to collect it, you can have many benefits from it. As we offer it for free, make sure to be the first among your circles to use this colorful rainbow gradient light. If you are interested, you can get it directly at the link below:

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