Free Playful Icon Instagram Highlight Illustration

Something cute can be a powerful tool to attract people’s attention. It’s because who doesn’t love something that looks cute? People from different ages are loving it. As we know it can be attractive, it’s helpful for designers to collect it and somehow use it in the design making. For you the designers who are probably looking for cute elements to be collected, we offer the playful icon to decorate your design.

This playful icon collection looks girly, cute, and childish. It was created in lineart or monoline illustration consisting of various items and objects. The icons vary, there are icons from items in the house to objects in nature or space. It’s suitable to the design highlighting the friendly impression. Moreover, it can suit many projects as these icons are versatile.

There are 34 icons in vector and png format in this package. The png has a transparent background that means it can be put directly on top of the design with minimal editing. It’s offered in black line color, it’s impossible to be edited. However, if you want to do more customization, there's a vector format that will let you do it. You can upsize it without reducing its quality, or even change the color to adjust your design project. With the vector, the possibility of using it is endless.

If you are interested in collecting it, we offer it for free. You can use this playful icon for anything. You can apply it to a poster, brochure, flyer, digital design, social media post, logo or symbol, or even print it to be sticker, tattoo, and many more. The possibilities are endless, it’s just on you how you want to utilize it. If you think that it’s is an interesting icon collection to be collected, you can get it at the link below:

34x Playful Icon Instagram Highlight - (JPG, PNG, VECTOR)

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