Free Download Frame Mockups on the Table

It’s necessary to find out a design before it’s printed using a mockup. And, it’s also essential to present your professional design using a mockup properly. A minimalist mockup with fewer objects shown yet delivered luxuriously can be an option to showcase your design to look stand out with less distraction. And in our latest collection, we give you a mockup collection that would help you to create a beautiful and professional mockup for your design.

This is a collection of the frame mockup on the table that was created in a minimalist style. In this mockup, there are not many objects shown that make it look simple and focus only on the frame mockup itself. Most of the color is a neutral color, that is white. Even if it’s simple, it still gives several small objects to sweeten the mockup. The color of the drawer and the glass decoration put on the side of the frame make it have a luxurious look.

There are 2 mockups in the psd file provided in this pack. One with less decoration but shows a full desk with its drawer, and the other is a zoom-in view of the frame on the table with the glass decoration added. The true definition of less is more. Those consist of minimal composition, but some detail arrangement layout makes the frame mockup luxurious and professional. You can create your professional mockup presentation using this collection and make your design stand out.

You can get this minimalist mockup collection for free. Create your mockup presentation using this collection, and your client would love your design. You can showcase your photography artwork, illustration, poster decoration, etc. Always consider delivering a proper and professional relationship with your client because you might effortlessly increase your integrity and professionalism. If you are interested in this mockup, make sure to download it at the link below:

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