Free Red & Blue Double Color Exposure Template

The trend has its time. People compete to be the number one in following the current trend. They are fearful of missing out. That’s the reason for the birth of the FOMO term, fear of missing out. However, sometimes the current trend only repeats the old one. The trend is actually repeating. When it starts to be old, many people leave it, it’s the time to popularize it again and stand to be different. There are 2 possibilities, people would follow it, or they only wouldn’t care about it. However, to be different is enticing, isn’t it?

Here, we have a photo effect that was popular in 2014-2016. Are you challenged to make it a trend one more time? Then, you can try it for free. This is a red and blue double exposure photo effect. It’s an effect where it can generate your photo to look like it’s two combination photos overlapping in a different color, red and blue. There are many styles of the double exposure technique, however, we provide the most basic one that has a white background character.

This double exposure provides 1 psd file which works with the smart object tool in photoshop. You just need to input your one portrait photo then it quickly generates like there are two in red and blue color. That’s how it works. To use this photo effect, make sure you use a photo with a white background or bright light. In addition, high contrast is also needed to generate a maximum result.

It’s only a photo effect. However, it’s possible to use the result for a background to deliver a campaign or advertisement. Even if it’s an old trend, it still has a modern and futuristic look. Using this photo effect these days wouldn’t be outdated. Be the one that stands to be different applying this effect on your photo. To make it easy to do, just click the link below to download it:

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