Free 14 Transparent Tape for Graphic Sources

To create a stunning design, it might need something new and not outdated for the compositions. Because sometimes other designers just follow the trend and only modify other designs. The creative field always develops. Therefore it’s a must for a designer to have its character and to distinguish from others. You can try to start by finding a new graphic source. Others may follow it, but at least you’ve been the first.

We’re here actively producing new elements and any other graphics that might be needed for designers to create their stunning projects. And this time, we’ve worked hard to create a tape pieces collection that might suit to develop projects in street or urban themes. We’ve launched many other tape collections, there are paper tape, black, silver, etc. that you can check on our website to collect. And in this newest collection, to provide more elements for street theme design, we provide tape in transparent and small size.

This transparent tape pack can be used to create many projects, however, it may be most suitable for street themes. You can use this transparent tape for creating a patch effect, sticky or glued appearance, or place them on top of the images for aesthetic purposes only. It would look incredible on both printed and digital media. It may build a stunning appearance for any promotion or advertisement on websites and social media. Or if you want to use it personally, for instance use it to create a journal, then using this transparent tape might beautify your journal. In short, this transparent tape collection has endless possibilities to use on any project.

This pack provides 14 JPG in high resolution quality. You can place them on the design instantly without making any adjustments because it’s fully transparent. You can pile up one to another tape as well to create a new creative element. You can freely use this pack for anything, it may be an additional graphic element such as for a journal, or any other ornament with a street design style. In the end, if you think you are interested in collecting it, just click the link below to download:


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