Free Floral Hand Drawn Pattern Vector Illustration

You know that these days back to nature movement has become a trend. As we always mention that it impacts many aspects of life. Many people compete to decorate their stuff to look green and environmentally friendly. Especially when it comes to industries, many of them started to pay attention to how they deliver their products to the customers. The demand asks the industries to build a nature-friendly product so that the customer wouldn’t feel guilty by using their daily stuff. Moreover, several industries have started it, therefore other industries need to develop so that they don’t lose.

Starting from those issues, we created the floral hand drawn pattern vector illustration to answer the demand as well. This floral illustration reflects nature and the environment itself because it’s drawn with a plant and flower pattern. Using this vector illustration can be a symbol that we care and want to take care of nature.

This floral hand drawn illustration was created not in a seamless pattern. Therefore, this might be most suitable for creating a small-size design. It’s provided in vector actually so that the quality isn’t the problem. However, as this pattern isn’t seamless, it might be hard to customize it to still fit on a large design. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. It can be, as long as you can arrange it in such a way so that it can fit perfectly.

There are 6 vector eps files. As it’s in vector, as we’ve mentioned, the size quality isn’t the problem. It’s available to resize it on any size without worry that it might reduce its quality. Another benefit of the vector, you might be able to change the color to adjust it to your needs. You can use this floral hand drawn to print on a pillowcase, poster, t-shirt, product packaging, tote bag, tumbler, and many other kinds of stuff. You can explore anything using this floral illustration freely.

The possibilities of using this hand drawn illustration seem to be endless. You can collaborate your imagination using this illustration endlessly. If you think that you are interested in this floral hand drawn illustration, make sure to download it below:

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