Free DEMO Prism Light Leak Footage Overlay

To produce a movie or film or any video project, we would do editing to process it. It's like combining all of the footage taken, choosing the best footage to be displayed, cutting out the bad one, etc. However, showing a scratch video without giving it a special effect would be boring. The overlay could be an option to beautify your project. Using overlay would be a simple process to generate beautiful results.

Completing our light leak collection, today we launch a prism light leak footage that can help you to beautify your film easily. It's a professional light leak overlay collection consisting of various effects that can show the burn look, golden hour, luxury, etc. It's best applied to give an aesthetic impression for the project. The prism light leak gives it a distinct touch in a glow effect. Obviously, this prism footage would increase your film project to be more stunning.

This light leak collection may be best to decorate videos for various projects. It could be wedding documentation, a luxurious party, promotion, company profile, and more. It's versatile footage that can fit any film project. It can transform your boring film composition to be more attractive. This prism effect may look like a crystal effect, that's why this footage collection can bring a luxurious impression to the whole instantly. You just need to blend this light leak overlay on top of your project and the process is done.

There are 50 overlays in this bundle. You have various options to be applied to your project. However, we provide all of the footage in premium. If you want it for free, then we provide a demo bundle consisting of 3 overlays. Both premium and demo bundles are in MP4 format with a black background, therefore it's an instant package to be your shortcut to edit projects. As you can see in the previews, this prism light leak overlay for video is worth collecting and can provide uniqueness and authenticity. Therefore, you can be the first one to have by downloading it at the link below:

3 Prism Light Leak Footage Overlay - (MP4)

50 Prism Light Leak Footage Overlay - (MP4)

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