Free Flower Hand Drawn Vector Illustration

Nature illustration in vector line art, those simple words may represent our today's collection best. It's a flower plant illustration collection, drawn in a simple line art vector. This collection consists of various home plant illustrations in a pot that can be versatile graphics suitable for any project. This is not a literal flower plant, the plant is the typical home plant that actually the foliage is the highlight to decorate the place.

It started in 2020, many people adopt plantations to keep them stay sane to face the pandemic. Many people enjoy it and it's been the trend until today. Therefore, this kind of illustration may be useful as the trend is still going. This line art plant illustration can be the main object element for wall art design, t-shirt, environmental campaigns, plant seller advertisements, and many more. It can be applied on any medium for any project, and still, it can illustrate the purpose at its best. Whether it's to evoke environmental awareness or the selling of plantations, anything can be represented best.

This collection is in vector, which means that it's available to customize to suit any needs. It's available to change the color line art, or if you think you want to print it on a large medium, it's possible because a vector can be resized endlessly. These line illustrations can be rearranged to adjust any design need, and still, they would be appealing and attract attention.

There is a 1x eps vector & PNG with 10 illustrations in it. The illustration can be used fractionally or altogether, depending on how you want to use it in your design. You can make anything with this collection for anything you wish. The possibilities of the use are endless, the limitations are only on your imagination. If you have an infinite idea of how you want to use it, you can use it for various projects. One thing, you can download this versatile line art plant illustration for free. If you are interested, just click the link below to download:

10 Flower Hand Drawn Vector Illustration - (PNG & VECTOR)

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