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To create a creative design, paying attention to a simple component matters. For instance, when it comes to choosing the right background. The quality of the images and the correlation to the design theme must be considered. All the components matter because they support each other to build a stunning design to display. The background collection with its uniqueness and implied meaning could be an option to support your design. This kind of background is our latest collection, that is the abstract Fluid gradation background.

We created these abstract fluid gradation as the special background for poster design. It’s like lines that were drawn from the axis to build a gradation color. The abstract arrangement creates an illusion of the landscape of mountains, desserts, and aurora. Provided in a strong color with a black background, it gives a strong impression. It may look firm, but it’s actually the charm itself. You can use it as a graphic source as well.

You may find this collection is in a futuristic and abstract style. More than that, the illusion gives the implied meaning that may add value to your design. Totally, it’s worth collecting background to use. You can use this collection for any kind of project, even if it’s only provided in jpg. It’s provided in 300px resolution with the size in 3000x5000px. So, you don’t need to worry about its ability to keep its quality on various projects. Any kind of project that needs a background, such as posters, flyers, advertisements, etc., can use this collection for their background.

If you find this collection interesting, make sure you download this collection immediately. We provide it for free, and once you download it, you can get 6 backgrounds in total. You would love this pack to be used on any design. With its quality and various options, you can use it freely. Try to explore it with your creative imaginations, it may generate unexpected design amazingly. Without any further ado, just click the link below to download:

Abstract Fluid Gradation Background - (JPG)

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